Burn Baby Burn

If you fancy the beach as much as I do, you’ve probably had that moment where you got so caught up in your book or you decided to take a siesta after that last cold Corona that you knocked back and you forgot to reapply your sunscreen!

No worries, this easy peasey DIY After Sun Spray is just the ticket you need. We all know how I love a good DIY. Let’s jump in –

Here’s what you’ll need –

Optional Additions:

  • 1 tsp vitamin E oil (I personally don’t use in this recipe, but I’ve seen it listed in other recipes)
  • 5 drops of therapeutic grade Frankincense essential oil, aka “my boyfriend Frank”, hands down my FAVORITE essential oil
  • 5 drops of therapeutic grade helichrysum essential oil

Combine ingredients in a glass mixing cup and pour in to your spray bottle.
Voila, After Sun Spray!

If you get really burned, Apple Cider Vinegar applied first to the burn is a great way to help restore the PH of the skin, helps lift out that hot feeling and promotes healing of the skin. You are less likely to blister if you apply the ACV first.

Then you can use your trusty After Sun Spray.

  • The witch hazel is high in tannins and helps soothe the burned skin. It also helps as a preservative.
  • Aloe Vera , known as “The Burn Plant” is known for it’s healing properties and adds moisture to the skin. Be sure you purchase pure aloe vera gel – it shouldn’t be colored or have a lot of other additives.
  • Lavender essential oil is very calming and soothing.
  • Pepppermint essential oil is cooling when used topically.
  • Frankincense, also known as the “king of oils” is also great for skin.
  • Helichysum essential oil is another powerhouse and can help ease inflammation.

For added cooling effects, store in the refrigerator.
This spray is lovely on the skin even if you haven’t been kissed by the sun!

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