Cool As A Cucumber

If you’ve ever had a massage at Judy Moon and Associates, you know that at the end of your glorious massage you will be treated to a glass of delicious, refreshing lemon and cucumber water.

Lemon water – yes, we’ve all had that and we know all of the wonderful benefits of drinking water with lemon. Besides how good it tastes, especially with the lemon – why does adding the cucumber elevate our water in such a positive way?

  • Hydration – let’s face it , plain water is pretty boring and just adding cucumber to it makes its so much more refreshing – you’re more likely to drink the amount you should be drinking if it tastes better, right? They also contain potassium which is a great electrolyte.
  • Weight loss – if you’re trying to lose weight, replacing a tasty water for some of your other high calorie beverages like soda, etc will save you a lot of calories. Also, if you are drinking enough water, you tend to feel fuller so you’ll probably eat less. Plus, cucumbers are a natural diuretic so you will feel less bloated.
  • Antioxidants – cucumbers are high in Vitamin C and contain antioxidants.
  • Bone Health – cucumbers are high in Vitamin K which helps promote good bone health.
  • Healthy Skin – staying hydrated helps skin stay smooth and supple, but cucumbers add the extra vitamins and antioxidants as well as silica which provides extra benefits to the skin.

Who knew just how wonderful a glass of water could be?


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