The Easiest Peasiest DIY EVER!

If you’ve been following Wellness Seeds for awhile, you know that I am kind of a DIY junkie. I love making my own masks, scrubs, and serums. I like the idea of knowing exactly what is in the products I am applying to my skin, using things that I can pronounce, and I like tapping in to my creative side to boot.

I recently switched recipes for the vitamin C serum that I have been using, which I’ll share in my next blog, so stay tuned! I keep the new version in the refrigerator so I haven’t been using the vitamin C on my whole body as I had done in the past.

Vitamin C is really important to add to your skin care. Some of the benefits to the skin include anti aging, anti wrinkle, brightening, increasing collagen production, and it can help repair excess sun damage.

I was reading a post on Wellness Mama’s site about vitamin C serum. She uses her recipe as more of a toner after cleansing your face. It’s a much simpler version than I make using only the vitamin C powder and distilled water.

I had an aha moment and realized I could make a tiny batch, put it in  a spray bottle and use it to spray my whole body after my shower before I moisturize!

Voila – now all of my skin is reaping the benefits of vitamin C. Vitamin C starts to loose stability and effectiveness when exposed to light, etc, so it doesn’t have a super long shelf life. I literally just double the recipe and add it to a small blue or amber glass spray bottle.  You can grab one at whole Foods or on Amazon.

Here is the recipe inspired by Wellness Mama:

1/2 tsp Vitamin C Powder
1tbl of distilled water.
Mix together and pour in to your spray bottle and you are all set. I have been doubling it or tripling it and making it about once a week. Vitamin C can burn if you have sensitive skin, so start out slowly with it.

Happy DIYing!

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