The One Word I Encourage You To Eliminate

Posted by Judy Moon

If I could suggest a word to you to eliminate from your vocabulary, it’s not a four-letter word, it would be the word “try”.

One of my best and favorite teachers, Dr. Darren Weissman planted this seed in my head and I do my best (see, did you notice, I didn’t say “try”) to avoid it at all costs

Webster defines the word –

Try – verb, make an attempt to do something. 

So when we try to do something, there is the possibility that you will succeed or fail.

However, when we do our best, there is no failure, you did your best!

It may seem silly and like you are splitting hairs, but it feels different when you start replacing “I am going to try”, with “I am going to do my best”.

Give it a whirl, do your best, and let me know what you notice.

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