You Might Just Need To Brush Up A Bit


Posted by Judy Moon

Raise your hand if your skin is dry and itchy right now?

Winter is such a great time to cuddle up in a blankie with a warm cup of cocoa or to make a rich pot of beautiful warming soup or to build a snowman like we were able to do with the recent blizzard that blanketed Philadelphia with 22 inches of snow. What’s more fun than a snow day, right?

But, boy oh boy, it can be harsh on the skin.

I honestly think your best secret weapon is Dry Brushing. Dry Brushing has soooo many great benefits, it’s silly not to do it. And it’s fast and easy to boot.

Benefits include:

*increasing circulation

*removing dead skins cells

*stimulating lymphatic flow

*improving the appearance of cellulite

*improving digestion

*can help with fluid retention

*stimulates your skin to produce it’s own oils

If your skin is dry, you can moisturize till the cows come home, but unless you exfoliate first, which Dry Brushing will do, you are just moisturizing dead skin cells.

Lymphatic stimulation is another important reason that people Dry Brush, especially when doing any kind of cleanse or detox. The lymphatic system helps eliminate waste that cells produce. Think of it like a garbage truck moving through the system. Dry Brushing will help it from getting clogged or sluggish which can lead to inflammation and disease.

It’s best done right before your shower first thing in the morning. It can be a little energizing so evening is not optimal.

Starting at the feet you brush up towards the heart in the direction lymph flows. Start at the hands on the arms and work towards the heart. Use soft gentle strokes, you don’t want to scratch or break skin and a light pressure is all that’s needed to get the job done.

Amazon has brushes suitable or we sell them at the studio.

We have a Brush Up Skin Rejuvenation Treatment that starts with Dry Brushing your whole body and then is followed with a therapeutic aromatherapy massage AND you get to take the brush home to get yourself started on your own self care!

Want to be super nice to your skin? Follow up with a quick and easy DIY Aloe Vitamin C Serum! Hello happy smooth silky skin in the middle of winter!

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