Unleash your extraordinary capacity for healing with the LifeLine Technique.

This amazing technique is designed to discover, harmonize and interpret the root cause of the symptoms and stress you are experiencing, emotions that are trapped within the subconscious. The symptoms and stress being expressed by your body and your life are something that you would never conciously choose.

When you remove this “roadblock,” the body can do what it is divinely designed to do: heal, regenerate and be whole.

The LifeLine Technique integrates many modalities, including:

  • muscle reflex testing
  • color therapy
  • aromatherapy
  • sound therapy
  • chakra work
  • Chinese five element theory
  • the work of Dr. Masuro Emoto
  • and the power of infinite love and gratitude


Judy has such a warm and loving heart that is infectious when being around her. I feel so grounded and comfortable when getting a lifeline session with her, which allows me to find my authenticity to help myself grow into the person I choose to be. In order to achieve greatness in life, one must have a teacher, mentor, or friend who has the strength, wisdom, and love to support you along the way…and Judy has been that for me. Thank You!
— A.W.

I’ve been working with Judy since September 2010. I came first to get control of my anxiety. It would get so bad that I would worry and go down a rabbit hole where I couldn’t get out of the depression with ease. From the first session, I saw an immediate change with my anxiety. I started seeing the signs before my anxiety got out of control. I see Judy every 4-6 weeks which is just what I need. Everyone is different and have different needs. As Judy said my first session, this experience is like a peeling an onion, sure enough it is! I find when I go in with no agenda it’s the most profound session ever. I am always amazed and grateful to what we find. I am thankful to Judy; she not only is with you in the session but she continues to check in afterwards. She is my co-pilot on this journey and she has seen my changes!”
— T.M.