Got Your Back

This treatment is all about melting tension with a special focus on your back.The treatment starts out with our most popular aromatherapy oil, the Tranquility oil – a combination of lavender, geranium, sandalwood, marjoram, and frankincense designed to promote calming, balancing and unwinding. It is a great enhancer for the nervous and emotional systems. A full body massage follows and the best is saved for last – half of this seventy minute treatment is devoted to back , neck and shoulders incorporating a variety of techniques and using our popular muscle warming oil. We finish it off with DoTerra’s Deep Blue Muscle Rub – a blend of Wintergreen, Camphor, Peppermint, Ylang Ylang, Helichrysum, BlueTansy, Blue Chamomile, and Osmanthus all working together to soothe and cool those tired achy muscles.

70 minutes – $80
*This treatment is only available on Monday and Wednesday with Nancy. Offer not valid with any other specials, coupons, or packages.

Rose Power

This heavenly treatment begins with a full body spritzing of Rosewater – a great hydrating mist that smells intoxicating and is also a thorough way to cleanse oneself of negativity and create a field of healing and positive intention. A mini Kansa Wand facial massage follows, using Moroccan Rose facial oil featuring rosehip seed oil and rose essential oil to regenerate, moisturize and nourish the skin. The Kansa wand’s gentle,  circular motion on the face is very meditative, helps move the lymphatic system, pulls out excess heat and redness, and balances the body’s energy flow. The treatment continues with a full body Rose aromatherapy massage and includes a delightful foot massage with a rich Rose body butter. We send you on your way with a Tulsi Rose Tea sample to enjoy at home and to remind you to stop and smell the roses…

Special price- $80 (a $10 savings!) – 60 Minutes
*Offer not valid with any other specials, coupons, or packages. Valid thru May 31st.

Sporty Spice Special 

Amanda has created this tension busting special showcasing all of her talents. This full body sports massage brings out all of the bells and whistles – deep tissue, gentle stretching, trigger point release while using our spicy, soothing Muscle Warming Massage oil –  containing essential oils of sweet birch, rosemary, bay laurel, juniper, black pepper, ginger root, cinnamon leaf, wintergreen and chamomile. It soothes aches and pains, fights fatigue and increases circulation and energy, and it smells divine! We also incorporate Helios Pain Relief blend  – a natural botanical blend with 22 natural anti-inflammatory compounds for spot treatment.

This is a 60 minute full body treatment – with an extra bonus 10 minutes that you get to decided where to spend the extra TLC!

This is only available with Amanda on Sundays and Tuesdays.

70 minutes – $80
*Offer not valid with any other coupon, discount, package, or promotion. 

Mindful Touch Thursdays

Enjoy a gentle and powerful healing massage. Dramatically different than a traditional massage, blending mindfulness meditation, Native American healing, light touch, chakra work and other ancient healing arts, this treatment focuses on face, scalp and feet with light touches across the entire body. This modality encourages the reversal of stress symptoms and a relaxation response while strengthening the immune system.

If you need to unplug and escape – this is the treatment for you!

60 minutes – 0nly  $60 ($20 savings)
Thursdays Only

Expectant Parent’s Package – It Takes Two!

Self care is essential during the busy , exciting time!
Allow yourself some much deserved pampering and pre-baby time together with:

  • A prenatal massage for you
  • A therapeutic massage for your partner

Take $10 off each one – that’s 2 massages for $140 – a $20 savings

Nourish Me Wellness Program

You’re invited to join our BYOP (Become Your Own Priority) Package!
Is “stressed out” starting to feel like your middle name? Do you always put yourself last on your to-do list? Does self-care and feeling better seem overwhelming to you?
No worries, we’ve got you covered! Our curated Wellness Program led by Judy Moon offers three months of wellness to create your own Self-Care Toolbox to make it simple to kick start your self-care. Each session comes with a complimentary gift from the Wellness Boutique!

Month 1 – Setting the Stage To Be Your #1!
• Intention setting and assessing where you are
• 60 minute Therapeutic Aromatherapy Massage
• 70 minute Brush Up Treatment

Month 2 – Inviting Calm
• 60 minute Therapeutic Aromatherapy Massage
• 60 minute Mindful Touch Therapy Session

Month 3 – Melting Tension
• 60 minute Therapeutic Aromatherapy Massage
• 60 minute Hot Stone Aromatherapy Massage
Pricing: $150/Month

$20 off coupon from the newsletter cannot be used on an already discounted services and specials.

These specials are not valid with any other discount, promotion or coupon. No cash value and no substitutions.

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