Due to Covid-19 restrictions, we have temporarily eliminated all Hot Stone, all Thai and Mu Xing services. We are also currently only offering 30 and 60 minute treatments.

Therapeutic Aromatherapy Massage

Relax with our signature full body massage.

Our therapeutic aromatherapy massage blends the soothing strokes of Swedish massage with other techniques to alleviate deep muscles tension, chronic pain and to promote stress relief and relaxation in the body.
One hour: $80, 90 minutes: $120

Immune Boost Treatment

Perfect for this time of year! This 60 minute treatment pulls out all of the ammunition! We start out with a modified version of a kansa wand facial massage, that works on areas around your mask and focuses on more marma points on the head. Our Breathe Easy massage oil blend helps to open sinuses and clear your head. Therapeutic massage and reflexology will help stimulate the lymphatic system and increase circulation as well as hitting all of the immune system points on the feet. The icing on the cake of this treatment is the application of an essential oil sequence on the spine to further enhance the body’s immunity.

60 minutes – $90

Aviana Mindful Touch Therapy

Enjoy a gentle and powerful healing massage.

Dramatically different than a traditional massage, blending mindfulness meditation, Native American healing, light touch, chakra work and other ancient healing arts, this treatment focuses on face, scalp and feet with light touches across the entire body. This modality encourages the reversal of stress symptoms and a relaxation response while strengthening the immune system. Wear loose comfortable clothing for this treatment.
One hour: $80

Hot Stone Therapy

Let the hot stones melt away stress.

This technique blends traditional Swedish massage with the deep healing power of warm basalt stones. Stress and discomfort melt away as the heat penetrates deep into muscles. The 90 minute massage incorporates even more stone placements and an essential oil treatment applied directly to the spine to boost the immune system.
One hour: $90, 90 minutes: $135

Hot Stone Reflexology

Give your feet the gift of massage.

A retreat for the feet combining aromatherapy foot massage, the penetrating heat of warm basalt stones and elements of reflexology, a method of stimulating the nerve endings in the feet that correspond to all parts of the body including organs and glands.
45 minutes: $60

Prenatal Massage

Pamper yourself. You deserve it.

A specialized massage for the mother-to-be, reducing the discomforts of pregnancy and enhancing the emotional well-being of both mother and baby.
One hour: $80, 90 minutes: $120

Deluxe Prenatal Massage

Promote overall wellness during pregnancy with products to use at home
Our specialized 60 minute treatment for the mother-to-be with a take home product from Earth Mama Angel Baby – a line of organic plant based products to help with stomach itching and ease emerging stretch marks. These plant based oils help nourish and encourage skin’s natural elasticity, is 100% natural, and can be used as a bath oil or for daily massage at home.
One hour: $100,  90 minutes: $140 (includes Earth Mama Angel Baby Stretch Mark Oil or Belly Butter)

Prenatal Thai Massage

A gentle form of Thai Yoga Massage done on a mat on the floor while the client is fully clothed. A blending of assisted yoga stretches to help relieve low back and shoulder pain, and acupressure along the sen (meridian) lines to promote good energy flow throughout the body.
90 minutes – $120

LifeLine® Technique – Unleash the extraordinary capacity you have for healing.

This treatment created by Dr. Darren Weissman, is designed to discover, harmonize and interpret the root cause of the symptoms and stresses that you are experiencing — emotions that are trapped within the subconcious. When you remove this roadblock, the body can do what it is designed to do — heal, regenerate and be whole. LifeLine integrates many modalities, including muscle reflex testing, color therapy, aromatherapy, sound therapy, chakra work and Chinese Five Element theory. More Information…
First session: 90 minutes $125, Follow up sessions: 60 minutes $100

Thai Massage

Acupressure with assisted yoga, stretching you in ways and to a depth you cannot achieve on your own. Lines of energy are unblocked through gentle repetitive palm pressure and assisted yoga-like stretches and positions. Sessions are done fully clothed while lying on a futon style mat.Please wear loose, comfortable clothing.
90  min – $120

Table Thai Massage

Lines of energy are unblocked through gentle repetitive palm pressure, with powerful assisted stretches in yoga-like positions. Stretch in ways and to a depth you cannot achieve on your own. Wrings stress and tension from your body. Meditative, but more invigorating than Shiatsu.
Wear loose comfortable clothing for this treatment.This treatment is performed on the massage table as opposed to a mat.
60 minutes: $80
90 minutes: $120

Thai Foot Massage

This form of reflexology has been used in Thailand for centuries to promote good health through stimulating of acupoints on the feet. What makes the Thai style different is that a rosewood massage stick is used along with the thumb pressure for extra benefit.
30 minutes – $45

The Quick Getaway Massage

Fit a massage into your lunch break.

This treatment is for those who want a specific area targeted or don’t have a full hour to spare. Treat your neck, shoulders, back, hands, feet — whatever you feel needs special attention.
30 minutes: $45

Sports Massage

Enhance your enjoyment of your sport.

A vigorous treatment that can aid in reducing muscles spasms and lactic acid build-up, prevent injury and improve flexibility, or treat a specific area of soreness or injury. This therapy can be used pre- or post-event or as regular maintenance.
One hour: $80, 30 minutes: $45

Reiki Therapy

Experience spiritually-guided universal life energy.

Great for emotional stress, energy balancing and relaxation, Reiki is a gentle and non-invasive Japanese energy work. The therapist places her hands on specific areas of the body, directing healing energy as needed. Special attention is paid to the chakras, energy centers of the body.
One hour: $80

Mu Xing Treatment

Try something new.

Mu Xing Therapy is a treatment using warm bamboo and rosewood tools to perform deep tissue massage. Using different sized and shaped tools, the therapist applies a variety of massage strokes which address pain and stiffness and promote a deep sense of overall well being and relaxation.
One hour: $90

Brush Up Skin Rejuvination

Do something nice for your skin.

This treatment begins with a full body dry brushing treatment which is great for exfoliation and stimulating the lymph system and is followed by a full body massage. This includes your own brush to take home with instructions on self dry brushing.
60 minutes: $90 (Bring back your brush on return visists, 70 min: $90)

Kansa Wand Full Body Treatment

Kansa Wands are massage tools from India. This ancient blend of metals is known in Ayurveda as” healing metal” and is thought to promote general well being and longevity.Benefits include an increase in blood and lymph flow, restores the balance of Prana or Chi, promotes sound sleep, pulls excess heat from the body, relieves eye strain and decreases inflammation. Our Full Body Kansa Treatment incorporates the use of various sized Kansa Wands with our Therapeutic Aromatherapy Massage leaving you feeling relaxed, refreshed and balanced.
60 minutes – $90


The application of pressure to specific points on the feet based on the idea that nerve areas in the foot correspond to muscles and organs in the body. This technique promotes relaxation, improves circulation and supports homeostasis in the body.
30 minutes – $45