Hold Your Horses!


by Judy Moon

Are you still recovering from the flurry of frenetic energy, over indulgences, stress, lack of sleep and over spending that we call the holidays?

In addition, I think most people would agree that 2016 was kind of… clunky?

I’ve heard over and over from many people and even in the media, this sort of good riddance feeling about 2016.

I get it.

Regardless of who you were rooting for to win the election and whether or not your candidate was successful or not, the election sucked the life force out of most of us. Not to mention all of the great talented people that departed last year. So yes, 2016 was not the best, however, since I’m a glass half full kind of gal, I’m going to challenge you. I’m going to challenge you to think about what GOOD things happened for you in 2016. It’s easy to get swept up in the energy of what was bad but do you really want to start off 2017 with that attitude? Not me!

Amazing things happened last year – someone who I love dearly became pregnant with her first child, someone who I also love to death adopted a new baby girl, Leonardo DiCaprio finally got his Oscar, I made sauerkraut… the list goes on.

So I challenge you right now – go get your pencil and paper and start making a list of what was great in 2016 – how about coming up with 16 things and if you’re feeling sassy go for 10 more. Acknowledging what was positive and then being grateful is a much better vibe to start off your year!

If you need some inspiration here’s a great list! 

Happy 2017!

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