Just Five Minutes


Life is beautiful.

It really is, if we stop and think about it.

But it can feel overwhelming and out of control sometimes too.

I don’t know about you, but in addition to the normal daily activities like work and tasks at home, I have a lot of goals, visions and things I like to do my best to fit in to a day. They are all great things – meditation, stretching, reading, exercising, cooking, coloring, Qi Gong, blogging, volunteering for my Civic Association, gardening, doing something creative every day, time with my peeps… I won’t bore you with my endless list. It’s really impossible to fit all that I want to do in to  a 24 hour day.

That frustrates me sometimes.

I was recently listening to a lecture on line and I took away a great wellness seed-

Five Minutes Is Enough.

It was so simple and pure and… easy. I felt kind of silly and well, uh, duh, yeah- five minutes IS enough.

Some days I will have time to do things that bring me joy and fill up my well for much longer periods of time. Super!

Some days I will only have five minutes to pick up my knitting project and knit a few rows, and that’s enough. Super!

Especially at this time of year with the energy of the holidays swirling around us and the tendency we all have to put maybe just one too many things on our plate, I am inviting you to embrace the concept of Five Minutes Is Enough. It’s a great mantra!

What gift of Five Minutes can you give yourself today?


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