An Invitation

by Judy Moon
I love Valentine’s Day.I love all of the pink and red hearts everywhere. I always feel reminiscent of being a young child and decorating a box that you would bring to school to hold all of your Valentine’s. My dad was pretty handy and one year made me a box out of wood that looked like a little mail box. I still have it. Such a treasure.
Today’s post is simple.
How can you invite some self love in to your life?
What is one thing that you can do to say – “I love you.”
It doesn’t have to be epic.
It can be as simple as going to bed earlier to ensure that you get enough rest.
It can be shutting off your cell phone for one hour.
It can be drinking more water.
Pick just one thing that would make you feel better and DO IT! and do it with love. Doing it because you love yourself and not because you feel like you have to is a very different vibration.
Happy Valentine’s Day!

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