Back In The Saddle Again

Sometimes life throws you a curve ball.
Sometimes it feels like you’re in a batting cage and the pitching machine has gone mad and you are being bombarded with curve balls.

I relocated my business twice within a year this past year for reasons out of my control.

It felt at times like I was in that crazy batting cage.

It was interesting to me to observe stress, how I handled it, how it manifested physically in my body, what I did and did not do for stress management.

I literally observed myself dropping one self care tool at a time … doing those extra, simple things, like getting a regular massage, scheduling acupuncture, drinking enough water, making sure I got a workout in … one by one … they just were not priorities on my ginormous to-do list.

I commented to Gwyn—my coworker,  my right hand, aka the voice of reason—”I feel like I just dumped out my tool box, all my self care is gone, out the window.” She gave me a loving smile, reminded me of the balls of chaos that I was juggling and pointed out that there’s only so much room in your schedule,  in your brain and that I was doing my best. Thank you voice of reason.

The one thing that DID NOT go out the window was my meditation practice.  I meditate as soon as I wake up, and THAT, I think may have been the super glue that held me together.  That one little moment that I carved out every morning was a simple act of self care and self love.

I also  did my best to do small, easy things like a cup of lavender tulsi tea, a facial sheet masque, diffusing essential oils, and writing things down to put in my gratitude jar; things that didn’t overwhelm my already overwhelmed mind and schedule.

Slowly, I’ve been putting the tools back in my tool box. The beauty of them is that if you do temporarily drop one or all of them, you just pick them back up when there is room. It’s kind of like I never dropped them, they are just effortlessly part of my day again.

Aaaahhhh, it’s good to be back!

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