Celebrate the 3-day!


Celebrate the 3-day!

Posted by Gwyn MacDonald

Ages ago I worked for a woman who often said that a three day weekend can work wonders for your state of mind. I used to be skeptical, thinking only that two weeks a year could bring you back into balance (ahhhh, the young ). But really…it’s often quite a long wait for that vacation break and giving ourselves a mini-vacation a few times a year is a much better way to strike that balance and refresh your spirit. And if those long weekends include hanging out with folks that you love, all the better!

We recently returned from a long weekend in upstate New York. We stayed with some dear friends, celebrated their son’s 5th birthday and went to the Sheep and Wool Festival.

It was SO nice to get away and spend quality time together as a couple and with friends. We laughed like crazy, ate yummy home cooked meals and got super silly with their son (nothing like hanging out with a 5 year old to remind you how to “be”!). We allowed ourselves to relax and fully embrace the time away from work and our usual routine. And the leaves were just incredible!

Sometimes giving yourself downtime feels like a luxury that can happen only when the “list” is complete. NOPE! It’s a necessity and if it feels like a luxury as well, I say that’s a bonus! Happy 3 day weekend!

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