Do You Have Your Word of the Year for 2024 Yet?

Do you pick a word of the year? 

It’s one of my favorite things to do.

Why do people do it? It sets an intention, a vibe, a way that you might want things to flow. It can give you clarity, help you focus on goals, give you direction and inspiration. It can be an anchor and remind you of how you want to feel.

I love the work of Danielle LaPorte and I’m a member of her Heart Centered Community.  I’ve done her Desire Map Process many times where you figure out how you want to FEEL and then create your goals around those “core desired feelings.” Makes so much sense, doesn’t it? How many times have you set a goal, achieved it and realized, wow, that was way too stressful – why did I do that? I still do the process of my core desired feelings at the end of the year for next year. I then check in weekly to see what’s working and where can I improve or shift. But I also always have an umbrella word – my single word for the year. 

I’ve actually stuck with the same umbrella word for the past few years – Yay! I love that word so much. I love everything about it – the way I feel when I say it, usually the way another person reacts when I say it (they often say it back to me), and the smile it brings. I even like the way it looks! I try to look for a moment every day to say yay. That’s not as easy as it sounds, especially back in 2020 when my word was yay. But,  it was a great practice to keep me on track and always be able to find  something, even if it was small, that would make me smile and say yay. 

I’ve been feeling like it’s time for a new word. Yay won’t be going anywhere too far away, It will probably be in my core desired feelings. I’ve  gotten a few signs about this new word. I haven’t done all of the processes I like to do to figure it out yet, so I’m excited to see where  this goes. 

One of my favorite processes is Unravel Your Year and Find Your Word from Susannah Conway. There’s a FREE download – yay! There are great questions to inspire you to look over the past year, what was great, what wasn’t the best, and guide you into visualizing and dreaming about what’s ahead.

So stay tuned for my 2024 Word Of The Year …I ‘m excited to discover it. I’d also love to hear if any of our followers have a word and how you came up with it!

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