Happy Feet!

It’s likely that you’ve heard of Reflexology—stimulating points and nerve endings in the feet that correspond with different organs, systems and structures of the body to improve overall health and wellness. Plus, let’s face it, having your poor, tired feet rubbed just plain feels good!
I’ve been practicing Reflexology for years but recently upped my game and became certified in Integrative Reflexology®. Sounds fancy, what’s the difference?

Integrative Reflexology® works with the same grid, map and location of points on the feet as what I previously had learned. There are, however, additional layers and things to consider: Chinese Five Element theory (a philosophy that demonstrates how all aspects of human health) diet, movement, and emotions which are interconnected with nature, and our environment. Also we have to consider what meridians and meridian points are also involved in what the client is experiencing. And finally, Psychoneuroimmunology, which is based on the connection between the brain, the nervous system, the immune system and the emotions. Integrative Reflexology® can also include the hand and ears.

There are over 10,000 nerve endings in each foot. With this technique we can simultaneously improve brain chemistry, calm the nervous system, and stimulate the lymph system, which helps detoxify the body and help reverse the effects of chronic stress. The feet are like building blocks and can give us insight to the rest of the body.

Personally, my recent training was a bit of a wake up call. We’ve collectively gone through a lot over the last few years and have had to manage new levels of stress. Like many people, I’m good at putting my game face on and I just keep going. But what is the cost of that? I definitely had let my own self care slip to the wayside and in receiving the reflexology treatments as we practiced in class, I realized that my nervous system was shot. Yes, there are those days you do have to put your game face on and just keep going but then what do you do to balance that out? The pendulum needs to swing both ways. After several days of receiving the Integrative Reflexology® treatments, I noticed a huge shift in how I was feeling. I have felt calmer, clearer, more energized, grounded, my physical body felt more relaxed, and I slept better. 

That left such an imprint on me and I feel excited to share the work and inspire your body to perform in a better way. Your feet and your whole body will thank you! 

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