I Scream, You Scream


Posted by Judy Moon

We all scream for ice cream!

I don’t know anyone that doesn’t like ice cream. I’m sure they exist; I just personally don’t know them. Poor souls.

One of my FAVORITE childhood memories is when we would get to have ice cream sundaes for dinner. Yes, I said DINNER.

Once every summer when I was growing up, usually on a really HOT night, my dad would go down to the bottom of the hill we lived on to the neighborhood market and get everything you could possibly need to make a sundae – the carton of Breyers vanilla, chocolate, strawberry ice cream, jars of hot fudge and butterscotch sauce, strawberries, nuts, maraschino cherries and of course the red can of whipped cream. As a small child, that red can of Redi Whip meant something fancy and special was about to happen. And it was indeed.

There was something so magical and kind of outrageous to be allowed to have a big sundae – whatever kind and however big you wanted it to be – for dinner. I could never finish mine, wanting to put everything I could on it.

To this day, at some point in the summer, my siblings and I will say, “remember when we used to” and someone will finish with – “have sundaes for dinner in the summer”?  Yes, yes, yes!!!

I read a line in a book yesterday that said, “make it a practice to never say no to fun.” How much fun is eating ice cream for dinner?! Especially when we are focused on how much kale we are eating and how many servings of chia seeds can I get in?

Have a sundae for dinner, start a new tradition, create a magical, outrageous memory and most importantly – have fun!

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