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Judy Moon and Associates is a team of licensed massage therapists who are passionate about providing expert body care and wellness services. The company’s professionals provide a range of customized, healing massages, including hot stone, aromatherapy, deep tissue, shiatsu, sports, and prenatal massage. Other services include reiki therapy, dry brush skin rejuvenation, and Mu Xing treatments that use expertly designed bamboo and rosewood tools to provide deep tissue relief. The company offers monthly massage and wellness packages, and gift certificates:

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Judy Moon and Associates, Massage Therapy combine worldwide influences to arrive with a unique offering designed to aid in the client’s wellbeing. The facility has an extensive list of body relaxation techniques with some originating from Japan, Thailand, and India. They offer massages, touch therapy, aromatherapy, Reiki, Mu XIng, and Immune boost treatments. Thailand inspired therapies include the prenatal, regular Thai, table Thai, and Thai foot massage. Series of yoga stretches help align the body to correct blockages in the energy flow. A unique service at the center is their mindful touch therapy. It is a series of light healing strokes combined with meditation focusing on scalp, face, and feet. Worth mentioning as well is their lifeline and Kansa wand therapy that are noninvasive and patterned with Chinese and Ayurvedic treatment principles:

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Judy Moon and her team provide tons of massage options, including touch therapy, Reiki, reflexology, and even Mu Xing Treatment, which uses warm bamboo and rosewood tools for a deep tissue massage:

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