Layers of Nourishment


Layers of Nourishment

Posted by Gwyn MacDonald

Back in the Fall, my husband and I were in the garden picking veggies and clearing away the spent plants to make way for what’s next. This winter I really wanted to let the beds rest and feed them like crazy! Layers of compost, chopped leaves, manure and mulch to slowly break down over the colder months and nourish the soil to set the groundwork for next season. One bed down and four more to go. Look out next weekend!

This endeavor to give the garden a head start inspired me to do the same for my immune system. For the past few winters I have gotten sick for at least a week. Last winter it was two weeks and feeling lousy continued for 2-3 weeks after that. Yuck! So this season I’ve started with a few basics to “prep” my body to fend off all that it can.

I began in late September by making a batch of fermented veggies* and incorporating them into my diet each day. Fermented products are great for a healthy digestive system and to feed the beneficial flora in our intestines, both linked to improved immunity. I also started drinking a mixture of raw apple cider vinegar (also a fermented product), local honey and freshly grated turmeric each morning. I put a large amount of equal parts vinegar and honey and a few tablespoons of turmeric in the blender and then keep it in the fridge for the week. A tablespoon or two mixed with 6-8 ounces of water is my morning wake up drink.*

There’s quite a bit of research on turmeric* and it’s immune boosting and anti-inflammatory properties, so that gets added to smoothies and soups as well.

Once or twice a week I take a blend of herbs that support and maintain my immune system, either in tincture form or as a tea. I’ve also been trying to do my best to get quality rest (says the gal who has gone to bed at midnight for the last few eves! Yikes!) and to eat more seasonally. Nourishing and warming soups, root veggies, greens and squashes and a bit less sugar.

Doing my best to prepare before the holidays and before a cold knocks me down instead of playing catch up once it strikes!

So that’s my plan for prepping the layers in my own “garden” to nourish and sustain me through the winter. What’s yours?

*Great website to get you started with your own fermented veg! Lots of good info. –

* This little mixture was inspired by the “secret detox drink” that Judy turned us on to last season.-

*Read more about turmeric, again from our archives, in this great post from former associate Debi Philpotts – 

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