Mother’s Day Musing

by Judy Moon

Mother’s day is coming up and I’ve been thinking about the obvious things like my own mom, my niece’s upcoming roll as a first time mom, being a “mom” to my sweet dog Murphy.

I started thinking about the ways we are all moms even if we don’t have children. I looked up the definition of mothering and one of the things that made me smile was the concept of giving birth to something.

I think we all do this in so many ways, but don’t even realize the beauty of it or our role as “the mom” of it.

It made me think of my massage therapy practice. My associates are like family to me and we have such wonderful connections with the clients that we see and interact with.

I hadn’t really ever thought of having given birth to this practice, but I did. I nurture it and care for it. Sometimes it pisses me off. It brings me great joy, and I’ve watched it grow over 13 years and become something completely different than it was when I started.

It made me think of many other things in my life I’ve given birth to. I’ll leave you with the wellness seed of –

What have you given birth to? Are you celebrating it?

Happy Mother’s Day!

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