Shima, Shima, Shima

I refer to myself as a love warrior. I am all about the vibration of love. And it’s healing properties. Anyone who knows me well  or follows me on Instagram, knows that I even see hearts all of the time. I was walking to the beach with a friend in Ft. Lauderdale once and I looked down and saw a little paper on the sidewalk in the shape of a heart, and I said “Oh look, there’ s a heart”. He responded, ” Oh my God, is that how that happens, I see your posts all the time, why didn’t I see that heart, I walked right past it!!!” 

Valentine’s Day is always one of my favorite holidays. I love celebrating LOVE! 

Today I want to share a little love meditation with you. 

Shima, shima, shima (pronounced she-ma) is the Hopi word for love. Place your hand on your heart and just keep repeating the words, while breathing slowing. If your mind starts drifting, and it will … just keep coming back to the words, your breath and the feeling in your heart. Repeating it 108 time would be the bomb, but just do your best. 

If that feels like too much work, or meditation stresses you out (yes, that really happens to some people), you can just lie still with you eyes closed and listen to this version.

Happy Valentine’s Day, shima shima shima! 

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