Simple Reminders

Young woman enjoying winter

Simple Reminders

Posted by Gwyn MacDonald

Every morning our kitty Lewie runs around the apartment like a little demon. She jumps up on her shelves in the bedroom, scans for any pigeon action and then jumps down and races into the living room at least 5 times. When I finally drag my butt out of bed she weaves in and out of my legs and then races around again, jumping out from behind a corner to gently tackle my legs, asking me to play in her own cat like way. And since I am usually still half asleep, I say “Ok Lewie, we’ll play in a bit”. And we almost always do, but I usually do a bunch of other stuff first, some of it not important AT folding laundry..ugh! Yes, I do need my tea first, let’s be honest, but really? I think play should come before laundry, and so it seems does Lewie!

Could it be any simpler? Wake up, eat, run around a lot, play, play play, sleep, eat a bit more, sleep, play….etc, etc. Why do we humans make it SO complicated? Yes, of course we have things we have to do, but in general, I’m thinking I need to learn from the cats and dogs and the dolphins of the world. Do what’s necessary, don’t stress about the rest, enjoy your meals and PLAY!!!!!!! SNOWBALL FIGHT!!!!

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