Swing Into Spring!

Have you seen the signs – the little patches of grass that are the most electric shade of green, the flower petals on the tips of the tree branches, the daffodils and tulips dancing in the breeze?

Spring has arrived! 

The change of seasons can affect us in many different ways. Massage Therapy is a great tool to make the transition to Spring a little smoother. Physically, we may have spent the winter months being a little more sedentary – raise your hand if you binge watched a little more Netflix than you’d care to admit! ✋

Massage can help loosen things up and can create more range of motion and flexibility. It increases circulation and oxygen to the muscles which will get you ready for the springtime activities you’ve been dreaming about all winter. Broad Street Run anyone? 

It can also help shake off the winter blues. Massage increases our dopamine and serotonin levels – yes please! We also know that it reduces anxiety and stress, decreases cortisol levels leaving us calm, relaxed, grounded, centered and happier. Yay!

Seasonal allergies, colds and flus also creep in  this time of year. Massage therapy can help boost the immune system and help the body manage some of the symptoms experienced. 


Spring is a time of rejuvenation and renewal. We often do “Spring Cleaning” in our homes and it is a common practice to do a cleanse in the Spring, often focusing on the Liver. Working with the circulatory, lymphatic and digestive systems, massage supports our own detoxifying systems, making it the perfect addition to any cleanse that you may be practicing this Spring. 
I invite you to embrace all of the loveliness that spring showers us with – take in the Cherry Blossoms, smell some lilacs, listen to Vivaldi Spring hit a farmers market – is there anything better than fresh local asparagus?  Treat yourself to a beautiful bunch of tulips and consider booking a massage to help you slide effortlessly into Spring! 

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