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Posted by Judy Moon

Gwyn recently had a great post about list writing. I am a big fan of writing lists. I am especially fond of writing them on heart shaped post its and Hello Kitty notepads, (Dr. Seuss or glitter pencils optional.)  I make jokes that you must like Hello Kitty to be a massage therapist at Judy Moon & Associates.

It reminded me of a great practice that had fallen to the way side for me. I was once given some great advice from a woman I was seeing for Rubenfeld Synergy, an alternative treatment combining bodywork and talk therapy to help you deal with stresses in your life. Her advice to me after one of our sessions was so simple, but brilliant. She suggested at the top of my schedule/to do list everyday to write the words “nourish me”. Most of us have the habit of actually putting ourselves last if we are even on our own list. “Nourish me” is a simple reminder to the self to acknowledge itself and to become a priority.

I had been religiously writing that at the top of my schedule everyday. It felt good to do it. It was a very small step I could take every day to remind me to take care of me. It would make me smile sometimes looking at those words. Sometimes it reminded me to do something big – like make a doctor’s appointment, or call a friend that I had been missing or schedule some down time for myself. Sometimes it was just as simple as reminding me to take a few slow cleansing breaths. It would poke me to ask myself the question -“what are you going to do today to nourish you?”

It doesn’t always have to be epic. A full day at the spa is glorious! But so is an Epsom salt bath or sitting still for a few minutes with a cup of herbal tea or a big piece of dark chocolate is sometimes just the thing that you need. You just need to be asking yourself – what do I need, and then do it.

So I am back to writing Nourish Me at the top of my list and it feels great!

Honestly, is there anything more important than taking care of you? I think not.

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