What’s Different This Time?

As my 21 day cleanse wraps up for this year I was looking over what I have done previously and what is different this time.

Here is the list from the previous post from 2015 and I’ll comment on what’s a “yay” and what’s a “not so much” or a “nay’.

Here is s what a typical day looks like on Clean (and sometimes even after Clean)

  • Wake up and Tongue Scrape – Yay, first thing I do every morning after my meditation
  • Oil Pull for 10 minutes with coconut oil (this is new this year for me!) – Nay, I love oil pulling, but I’ve switched to The Dirt tooth powder for whitening: http://judymoon.com/lets-talk-dirty-2/
  • Brush teeth
  • Axe Detox drink – Kind of..I drink warm water with lemon and Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar religiously, sometimes I throw in some ginger depending on my mood.
  • Meditation – Big Yay. This is actually the FIRST thing I do when I wake up. I sit up in bed and get it done.
  • Exercise – Yay.
  • Dry brush – Yay.
  • Shower – Yay.
  • Plant fusion shake with frozen berries, flax seed, almond milk, raw coconut cream, colloidal minerals (the minerals are a new addition this year), – Variation, this is now my afternoon snack, sometimes split in two. I also don’t use the coconut cream anymore and no flax. I had forgotten about the minerals, so they may go back in.
  • Cup of Kukicha tea with stevia – Big yay, my favorite tea.
  • Snack if I need it – raw nuts – Yay.
  • Lunch – salad from the list of foods you can have – Yay.
  • Snack – green drink with wheat grass powder, kale, more berries, coconut water and an apple. (this is my go to afternoon pick me up everyday) – Green drink is now breakfast , my recipe is in the last post.
  • Dinner – meal or soup from list of foods you can have. – Yay. We ate alot more soup for dinner than on previous cleanses. We didn’t feel as hungry this time for some reason. Plus, it’s been freezing here is Philadelphia, so a bowl of hearty soup was very appealing!
  • Water with lemon throughout the day. (also started adding chlorophyll to the water) – Yay – I forgot about the chlorophyll, so I’m adding that back to our routine.
  • Herbal tea after dinner, Tulsi Rose is a favorite.- Yay, also added Tulsi Lavender Tea to the repertoire.
  • Natural Calm before bed- Yay.
  • I take the supplements according to directions on labels – Yay.
  • Alternating detox epsom salt baths, and Castor Oil Wraps through out the week. – Yay to the baths, not so much to the Castor Oil Wraps. To be completely honest, I’ve been out of Castor Oil! Just ordered some and I’m planning some wraps post cleanse to keep the vibe going.
  • “Cocktails” made with kombucha – New! I started making us a ‘cocktail” before dinner with coconut water, kombucha, fresh mint, fresh lemon, a few pieces of pineapple or some berries. I’d kind of wing it each night and the tang from the kombucha satisfied my craving for a glass of wine.

I also scoured through all of my healthy cookbooks before the cleanse even started searching for new recipes made from the foods we are able to eat. I made a giant list of possibilities and we tried some new recipes that were definitely keepers. The key to success I believe is being creative with the list of what you can have. As long as the the meals are tasty, you don’t feel like you are being deprived or you are missing out. Although my husband may beg to differ since he is counting the minutes till he can have bread.

Looking forward to keeping the inspiration for clean eating going, I still have many new recipes to try from the list that I had made.
Our goal is to be in the 80/20 range. Clean eating 80 % of the time.

As for me personally, I’m  looking forward to my next knitting night with my peeps – the cleanse will be over and there will be cheese…..

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