A Love Story

I want to share a love story.  Not a story of romance and passion.  A different kind of love. A kind there are no words for. 

I have a dear friend and neighbor who lives about a half a block from me. During the summer, when she and her family go to the beach, I feed their cat Kaiu. One day, when I went over to feed Lady Miss K, as I like to call her, there was a small gift bag and a note for me on the counter. Inside the bag was a small heart shaped dish filled with random, tiny heart shaped stones.

If you don’t know this about me, I see hearts. All of the time. It’s probably safe to say I see one a day.  So this gift was very meaningful to me. The note explained that she and her two young boys, who I adore, and their cousin, had been finding and collecting the stones for several years at the beach. She had finally found the perfect dish to put them in so she could give them to me. 

Did I cry? You bet.

I’m a little teary now as I write this. I had originally thought I would put it on an altar I have set up, where I have other objects that are sacred to me. I decided it should live on the coffee table instead, where I see it several times a day. There are 51 stones and I have held each one of them individually imaging who discovered it and how excited they were finding each one. 

I hope this inspires you in some way. I encourage you to become love warriors. Do something magical for someone, a random act of kindness.

Love can be celebrated in many ways and sometimes all it takes is a dish of rocks to make someone very happy. 

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