How Many Girl Crushes Can One Have?


Posted by Judy Moon

Yes, I have yet another girl crush to add to my list.

Danielle LaPorte – you are a rock star and I must meet you! I want to look you in the eyes and say thank you for all of the many ways you have inspired me, made me laugh and dream bigger.

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you know I get super duper excited about words… most importantly the vibration and energy around the words we use. I posted about the experiment that my husband and I did where we planted two pots of seeds and spoke lovingly to one pot and completely ignored the other pot and guess what – the love pot sprouted first! I’m still not convinced he didn’t talk trash to the other pot, but that’s on him and his karma.

So I got super stoked when I read one of Danielle’s blog posts about “the big real” of what you’re doing. She starts out telling the story of two stone cutters. When asked what they are doing one replies – “I’m cutting this stone into bricks” the other replies – “I’m building a temple.”

That’s pretty juicy in my book!

It made me think about all of the things that you do in a day- and how changing the words/vibrations can cause such a shift. With any situation you can ask yourself – what’s the big real of what you’re doing?

When I did this for myself, it looked like this-

I’m going to work – I’m helping people shift pain, anxiety and stress to a better more comfortable place.

I’m working out – I am honoring my body and it’s power and raising my vibration to a higher level.

I’m meditating – I am allowing my soul to become still and surrounding myself with joy and peace and downloading that peace into every cell in my body. I’m connecting with the Divine

I’m making dinner – I am fueling my body with beautiful foods that are prepared with love.

Sometimes, you can even take something that might be considered as “negative” and shift that in to something more positive by looking at the big real  – 

I’m working late – I’m making sure that I can pay for that trip to Maui.

I’m writing out the bills- I am sharing the wealth and am grateful for my financial abundance that allows me to have the luxury of electricity, running water and Amazon Prime!

I have to write my newsletter – I’m sending all of my clients and followers a big hug and catching up on what’s new at the studio.

She ends with this, as will I –

“Look up. Zoom back from the tasks and see the holy weaving of your time and love and action. Make it matter.  Because it does.”

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