I’m Not Just A Pretty Rock

So what the heck are crystals anyway? No doubt you’ve seen them, heard of them, you may even own some jewelry with crystals. They often conjure up images of crystal balls and fortune tellers in turbans. Let’s get some real information and step into the wide world of crystals.

I thought it would be fun and something different in this blog post to interview my associate Paul Struck who offers two treatments at Judy Moon & Associates using the magic of crystals – Crystal Enhanced Massage and Crystal Dreaming™.

J: So Paul, in a nutshell,  what is a crystal? 

P: Most people think of quartz or rock crystal in all its many forms and colors when they hear the word. However, table salt, graphite in pencils and snowflakes are also crystals. The most basic definition is any solid material in which the component atoms are arranged in a definite pattern, and whose surface structure reflects its internal symmetry. In the case of quartz, there is a hexagonal internal pattern, resulting in the six-sided structure most of us are familiar with.

J: What are some of the benefits of working with them, why do people use them? 

P: Crystals like everything, are made of energy or vibration. Working with them can help balance and harmonize our own energies/vibrations. I always like the analogy of a timepiece with a quartz movement. The quartz helps keep it running smoothly and accurately. Using crystals in bodywork or meditation has a similar effect.

J: How do you go about choosing a crystal?

P: here are many schools of thought on this. I myself like the intuitive approach. I’ll wander through a crystal shop and let a stone “call” to me. There is also the method of choosing for a specific purpose. A little research will offer which crystal is best suited to your need/desire. Some examples: Amethyst for connecting to your Higher-Self/Spirit, Citrine for emotional stability, Rose Quartz for Unconditional Love, Black Tourmaline for protection. I could go on and on, but I think you get the idea. 

J: Does the size of the crystal matter? 

P: LOL! That’s the age old question, isn’t it?! Ultimately, no the size doesn’t matter. A small crystal that can easily slip into a pocket or handbag can be just as effective as a larger one. What does matter is the user’s intention.

J: What would you suggest as a “first crystal” or a starter crystal for someone new to this? 

P: I always suggest clear quartz as a starter crystal for someone new to working with them. Mostly because clear quartz is like white light, it contains all the colors of the spectrum. It is also a neutral stone with the ability to cater to your needs. Clear quartz is also great to meditate with, as it grounds you on this plane and lifts you into higher dimensions. Just placing one in your space can shift the energies to a more harmonious environment.

J: What added benefits do the crystals provide when using them during bodywork services?

P: When I use crystals in my bodywork, I find that they assist in moving stuck energies (knots) out of the body more quickly. The results I see with clients is they tend to reach a relaxed state faster, and often leave a session feeling simultaneously relaxed and rejuvenated. Even the simple grid I place beneath my table seems to have a profound effect on clients.

J: What is the difference between your Crystal Enhanced Massage and Crystal Dreaming™?

P: The major difference is one is hands-on the other is not.

Crystal Enhanced Massage is just that massage, primarily Swedish techniques, enhanced with the use of crystals. I place a grid of crystals under the table while working to aid in balancing the chakras. I then use polished crystals and other stones to assist in alleviating adhesions, intuiting which crystal to use on any given area of the body, and that may be a different crystal from client to client. I sense which will best facilitate a flow of energy.

Crystal Dreaming™ is a hands free modality created by Raym Richards, an Australian crystal master. I am one of two people in Philadelphia who offer this work. During a session, a client lays with a “mandala” of over 40 crystals placed around them, allowing for a state of expanded consciousness. It offers the opportunity to clear past traumas held in the body and to connect with Source energies. While VERY different, I liken CrystalDreaming™ to shamanic journeying or lucid dreaming.

J: My favorite crystal is rose quartz, I am always drawn to it. Do you have a favorite? 

P: I love rose quartz! I have so many that I love, it’s hard to choose just one. If I had to pick just one, it would be amethyst. Purple is my favorite color.  

P: Judy, thank you for the opportunity to share and welcome people into the exciting and wonderful world of healing with crystals!

And a big thank you to Paul for sharing his crystal knowledge with us! 

As I mentioned I am always drawn to rose quartz – the “love stone”, also associated with the heart chakra. I think that goes hand in hand with my affinity towards hearts and how I see them all of the time.

You will also find a heart shaped piece of citrine in my pocket, a special gift from one of my besties, good for awakening the solar plexus chakra cultivating confidence and personal power – yes please! Under each treatment table at our studio is a nice chunk of rose quartz – take a peek under the table next time you come for a massage! 

So there you have it – everything you wanted to know about crystals and were afraid to ask. I invite you to find somewhere near you that sells crystals and see which one calls out to you. You will be drawn to one. And it’s usually exactly what you need. 

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