Witchy Woman


Meet Witch Hazel – my new best friend.

There was a bottle in the medicine cabinet when I was growing up. It was in the back, next to the hydrogen peroxide. I can’t say that I really remember anyone ever pulling it out and if anything I remember really dumb jokes involving “witch hazel” as the punch line.

I had heard that it makes a great toner for your skin. I’m always looking for new natural solutions for skin care so I gave it a try. It’s amazing! I use it after I remove my make up and cleanse my skin. My skin is soft, smooth, and it removes any last bits of makeup that the cleansing step may have missed and most importantly – it’s not drying at all. A lot of toners have alcohol which can really dry out your skin.

Witch hazel is a plant and the leaves, bark and twigs are used to make the product. Native Americans have long recognized all of the healing properties of this special plant. Here are just some of the things witch hazel has been known to help with –

*Natural cleanser and toner

*Can reduce the appearance of large pores

*It can help dry out contact dermatitis

*Can cool sunburn

*Can help fade bruises

*Fights bacteria

*Great for wounds- since it tightens skin, it can help stop bleeding

*Tannin found in witch hazel removes excess oil, without a drying effect

*Soothing for hemmaroids

*Soothing on diaper rash

*Soothing for razor burn

*Helps repair broken skin

*Treats bites, stings or other itchy skin irritations

Sounds like something you should keep in the front of your medicine cabinet right?

My go to witch hazel is Thayer’s Alcohol Free Rose and Aloe Vera.

We’ve already established I have a thing for anything “rose” and aloe vera is also lovely and it’s alcohol free. I can read, pronounce and know what all of the ingredients are – that’s something I feel good about putting on my face!

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