What’s On Your Altar?


Posted by Judy Moon

Do you have an altar in your home?

I think the word “altar” for some, conjures up a religious, churchy feeling. It used to for me. It made me think of second grade and going to Stations of the Cross during Lent.

It can also mean just a raised area for worship. So a shelf with some meaningful objects can be an altar.

I personally have three altars in my home.

I have a “spiritual” altar – the top shelf of a book case in the Spirituality corner (I practice feng shui) of my living room that has some religious items, small Buddha statues, Kwan Yin statue, my moms rosary beads, a small totem pole my brother and grandfather carved, etc.

I have a “love” altar in my bedroom. On my bedside table I have a few special photos of my husband and I, some small stones and shells we’ve picked up together, a heart shaped dish that my jewelry etc. gets dumped in, always a vase of flowers and some candles. It’s the first thing that I see when I wake up in the morning and it reminds me that I am loved.

I also have the “main” altar. This is the Grand Poobah of my altars and it is the top of a glass case that holds all things groovy in my world. Things like seven decks of Oracle cards, chakra tuning forks, colored pencils and paints, my Animal Medicine cards – if it’s funky – it’s in this case. It is also in the room where I meditate so it became the spot to really create a sacred space. This altar is kind of a combo of the others – it has photos of loved ones, rocks, crystals and shells, a star fish, rosary beads from my grandmother for my first communion, my intention jar, lots of heart shaped things and gifts of love. When I sit in front of this altar to meditate, it sends the message to my brain – “hey, it’s time to get quiet now, it’s time to relax and surrender to a higher power”

Having an altar has definitely increased in popularity with more people doing yoga and meditating at home. Creating sacred space is more appealing to people now with how busy and hectic our lives have become. It is great to have a place to meditate, pray, or just admire.

I personally have these altars as a space to hold my treasures, and to reflect. An altar can simply be a space for things that are important to you. Honestly, I don’t even know if you would notice the “spiritual” or “love” altar in my home. The one I meditate in front of is pretty obvious, but the others are subtle but the intention and effect is powerful.

I encourage you to create an altar for yourself if you don’t already have one. It can be personal, religious, nature oriented, family oriented, what ever is meaningful to you. You can add flowers or light candles to acknowledge the presence of it. Size doesn’t matter, it can literally be a corner of a shelf or of your desk or in a garden.

Here’s a great video from Gabby Bernstein (another one of my girl crushes!)

What are you going to put on your altar?

I Can’t Help Falling In Love With You


Posted by Judy Moon

You. That’s right You. Yourself. That beautiful spirit that greets you in the mirror.

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and it is a swirling world of red, pink, lace, roses, chocolates, love notes… all of which I love, but not everyone is submerged in romance right now.

I am inviting you to start a romantic relationship with someone new – yourself!

We’re talking radical self-love here.

Rather than getting back on my soap box, preaching about unconditional self love, let’s look at this as a soft, gentle reminder, a kind of “Valentine to Your Soul”.

In a former post, I talk about the technique called Mirror Work – looking yourself in the mirror and saying ” I Love You”. I know it sounds so corny and so silly, but I promise you it will have a profound shift in your life. It has for me.

Dr. Masuro Emoto did amazing experiments with water. He exposed samples of water to different stimuli, words, music, etc. He then froze the water, looked at it under a super duper special microscope and found that the water exposed to beautiful words, like love and gratitude formed beautiful intricate water crystals. Water exposed to negative words like hate formed ugly blobs.

Why is this important to us???

Our body is 70-90% water.

So, what do you want to say to the water in your body?

What kind of vibration do you want to send to your cells? Love? Hate? Fear? You suck? Your hair looks stupid? You look tired? You rock? You’re awesome? I’m proud of you?

I know what I want to say to every single cell in my body.

We sometimes say things to ourselves that we would NEVER say to or about anyone else. Why is that okay?

So let Valentine’s Day be a catalyst to being a little kinder and sweeter to yourself. Imagine those beautiful crystals inside all of the water in your body, in your blood, in your cells.

Happy Valentine’s Day, I love you!

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall


Posted by Judy Moon

I recently saw Dr. Christiane Northrup on Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday show-win win, two of my faves! I especially love Dr. Northrup, she was rockin leather pants and cowboy boots and pulling it off. Love it!

She was talking about a simple daily action that can really change your life. I was on the edge of my seat…what ground breaking tidbit would she share that would change my life??? I love adding tools to my self-care toolbox!

She was referring to Louise Hays Mirror Work. I totally pray to the church of Louise Hay, have seen her speak several times, 90% of the books I own are from Hay House, I get it. In fact I ALREADY practice mirror work.

What the heck is mirror work you might ask?

Mirror work is standing in front of a mirror, looking yourself in the eyes and saying, “I love you” to yourself.

Sounds easy right? Not always. The first time I was given the assignment, I found it really hard to look in my eyes and say those words. I looked everywhere else. I even would throw in some negative self talk -“I love you – wow, your hair looks stupid today”, or “I love you, when are you going to get your eyebrows waxed”. It took some time to get comfortable with it. Plus aren’t we taught that it’s conceited to think that way?

If you’ve ever had a LifeLine session with me, you know that mirror work is part of your homework assignment. Repeating whatever intention we have created – “I am peaceful, feeling joyful” for example, ten times looking in the mirror, twice a day.

So Dr. Northrup challenged you for 30 days to just simply look in the mirror everyday and say “I Love You” several times. I love a good challenge, especially one that’s going to change my life, so I’m in! Unkempt eyebrows, crazy hair and all!

It’s been a week since I have been practicing this. My practice in the past was a more sporadic; as I felt I needed it kind of thing. I am stoked to stay committed to the 30-day declaration of self love. It’s easy some days, other days it’s a little tricky, but it feels pretty juicy when you are saying it, meaning it, feeling it and you see yourself smiling back at yourself.

I love you…

Who wants to join me?

Tell Me You Love Me

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Posted by Gwyn MacDonald

It’s short and sweet today folks, but very, very important.

As I’ve said before, all we have are moments and before we know it many moments have passed before we realize how long it’s been since we’ve seen a dear friend or called a distant relative or thanked someone for helping us when we needed it.


Tell the people you love that you love them! Freely and Often!

And if you are with them, give them a hug too! Don’t think I need to add too much more here, do I?

With Love,


Welcome to Judy Moon and Associates Wellness Seeds Blog!

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Posted by Judy Moon

Welcome to our Wellness Seeds Blog! We are very excited for you to join us in our blogging journey. Our goal is to regularly post inspiring content that will help you in your everyday quest to live well and in good health.

What does living with wellness mean?
It’s the quality or state of being in good health especially as an actively sought goal

What is a seed?
It’s a source of development or growth

What can you expect form our Wellness Seeds Blog?
· To smile
Ÿ· To be inspired
Ÿ· To realize wellness can be easy
Ÿ· To get to know myself and the associates better (who inspire me everyday in ways that they don’t even know)

We’d love to hear from you! What are you doing to live with wellness?

Infinite Love and Gratitude,

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